FMA is a nanotechnology based non-invasive delivery system. The core of the system is a disposable cartridge with nanochip that contains nanotips, 1000 times smaller than human hair. Once the device is applied on skin, it creates rapidly self-recovering channels through which a variety of ingredients can be delivered to skin in a painless way for an extended period of time.
system. Nanomed owns or has worldwide exclusive licensing rights on 12 issued patents in US, China and the rest of the world.

FMA technology is unique. Unlike other microneedles, Nanomed's FMA are adaptable for use with a wide range of skin conditions and yield benefits that set products apart from the competitors.

Nanomed's patents, which extend protection through 2027 and beyond, presents significant developmental barriers to competitors who generally are left to modified formulation systems. The result is often a less efficient, less desirable product.


Nanomed FMA system has the ability to revolutionize the delivery for small and large molecules. Our system has significant advantages including:

1. Reduced pain perception, thus increase compliance and convenience

2. Non-invasive, rapid recovery and improved outcomes